Winches for sinking

The widest range of winches are required for sinking shafts. The OLKO range of products includes:

  • Shaft sinking machines
  • Sinking platforms
  • Gripper winches
  • Grippers
  • Platform winches
  • Tamponage winches
  • Emergency winches
  • Cable winches

Shaft winches

Double-drum sinking engine

These are winches which are used for conveying goods in skips and for carrying passengers.

Man-riding systems

Man-riding systems are shaft conveying systems for man-riding which can also be used for conveying goods.

Cable winches, shaft winches

Cable winches and shaft winches are used for connecting cables, material and devices in shafts.


Mobile winches

The winches listed in the following are used as mobile hoists, auxiliary hoists, emergency hoists and man-riding systems. Alongside the intended usages, all winches can be used to recover personnel in emergencies.

 Emergency winches

Emergency winches are systems which are installed in sinking operations in place of a ladder way, and are suitable for recovering all personnel on the sinking bed or platform from the shaft in emergencies


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