Patenting your safety: OLKO brake systems are among the best of their kind.Because most modern hoisting winders are stopped electrically, our brakes are used increasingly as   retainer and safety systems to safeguard against power cuts, excessive speeds and large-scale breakdowns in shaft operations. In other words: whenever dependability is a matter of 
life and death.

Our hydraulic braking elements are developed for mining, and optimised for operation with electro-hydraulic systems. The multi-channel, delay-regulated COBRA 01 brake arrests hoisting winders at a predefined, constant deceleration. This it does regardless of load, direction of rotation, brake pad wear and possible fictional fluctuations – always!

Our new generation of braking systems are characterised by:

  • Multiple control circuits
  • Additional reserve channels
  • High availability
  • High resistance to wear
  • No additional stand-by unit necessary
  • Advanced accumulator technology
  • Reduced amount of valve assemblies
  • Compact design
  • Full redundancy in hydraulic and electrical systems
  • Considerable savings in multi-rope systems as a whole