OLKO-Maschinentechnik GmbH supplies the latest shaft construction and associated hoisting technology from a single source – which in our industry is an almost unique advantage. You  can realise your vision completely with us, from concept all the way to commissioning, without any frictional losses or multiple points of contact.

In shaft hoisting engineering, we plan and implement entire turnkey systems.We generally optimise hoisting winders during operation. Our service comes inclusive of around 25 years of  expertise, and typical German quality which minimises wear and tear from the outset. Those are just some of the reasons why our customers trust us, in Germany and elsewhere from Eastern Europe to China.

  • Designing and calculating complete systems
  • Producing all of the necessary documentation and drawings
  • Optimising existing systems for productivity and efficiency
  • Complete, scalable turnkey system solutions
  • Implementation in existing systems and during operation