Machines in pontoon design

The OLKO-Maschinentechnik GmbH is specialized in developing solutions for customized problems in various fields of engineering. Our portfolio was additionally extended by the segment of “special machines”.

We offer premium products “Made in Germany” for your project.

OLKO machines in pontoon design are premium products in the segment of special machines, aligned with and developed according to our customer´s wishes and requirements.

The undercarriage has been designed for challenging circumstances such as operating under rough conditions on ground with low bearing capacity. Therefore our machines are able to work effortlessly in extreme conditions like swamps and marshlands,  as well as operating in sustainable, eco-friendly and sensitive environments.  Furthermore our product enables the execution of work on lakes, rivers and in coastal areas. The process of designing all components of our undercarriage is guided by the conditions of operation - our focus is set on availability and reliability.

The connector of the undercarriage can be equipped with upper carriages of all premium manufacturers; therefore we can offer ideal and individual solutions.

Our design is not limited to the installation of (only) one excavator upper carriage, but the installation of a combination of various upper carriages - all due to our customized design. Various systems for different applications and requirements can be realized, e.g. devices for drilling or lifting operations.

Our product is characterized by…

  • availability
  • reliability
  • innovative drive system
  • flexible choice of partners
  • design and manufacturing “Made in Germany”

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